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Already familiar with Siblu, Roompot, Molecaten and RCN? Very well! These great organisations all work with Maxxton.

Via our SaaS for holiday parks, campsites, and holiday homes, 1,500,000+ reservations are processed every year in an extremely efficient manner through our cloud-based platform. Within Maxxton Software we have developed and fully integrated various solutions such as our Customer Care module, Web Manager, and a multitude of links via the open REST API and the Operations App for the Technical and Domestic department.

We are the developers of leading functionalities and the strategic partner of our customers. In addition, we are in daily dialogue to automate processes and organise these processes more efficiently and thus prevent errors and save costs.

Now that we are the market leader in the Netherlands, we are rapidly gaining ground in the European market. We have big ambitions and ask you to grow with Maxxton as our   

Sales Development Representative

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) is a colleague within the Sales & Marketing team of Maxxton that focuses primarily on generating new business opportunities. The main task of an SDR is to qualify leads at the beginning of the sales funnel so that the time of the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and other colleagues can be used more effectively for leads that are likely to convert into paying customers.

Key outcomes:

  1. Lead generation:
    • Identifying and collecting potential customers (leads) for Maxxton Software solutions
    • Activating through various channels, such as cold calling, e-mail campaigns, social media and networking events.
  2. Lead qualification:
    • Assessing leads to determine which ones are most likely to make a purchase.
    • Evaluating their needs, budget, timing of purchase and decision-making power.
  3. First contact and follow-up:
    • Making initial contact with potential customers via phone, e-mail or social media to generate interest in Maxxton Software.
    • Aiming to build a relationship and lead the lead further through the sales funnel.
  4. Scheduling appointments:
    • Making appointments or demonstrations for senior representatives (e.g. CCO, Technical Consultants and Product Owners) with qualified leads who are further interested in an in-depth evaluation or negotiation.
  5. Collaborate and report:
    • Working as a team with other sales and marketing professionals within the company to develop and refine effective sales strategies, and reporting progress to management team members.
About you:
  • You are looking for a high-growth environment while supporting in closing B2B partnerships
  • You are able to drive conversion, activation and have better leads based on clear market segmentation and qualification
  • You are committed to a more value-based sales and marketing approach
  • You have a pragmatic, structured and data-driven approach
  • You have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree that support your skills

Do you have an outside-in-view as Sales Development Representative? We are looking forward to growing our teams with people who share our energy and enthusiasm for creating the best experience for our customers.

Do you know what needs to be done as SaaS Hospitality leader? 

Get in contact with us and who knows you might be in our office next week to talk about the opportunities: [email protected] or 0118-671010.


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