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Working at Maxxton means giving everything to every challenge that comes your way. At Maxxton we are proud of teamwork and appreciate top performances. You work with passionate people on innovative solutions, all to improve our software for the hospitality industry. People with different backgrounds, but all with the same ambition to embrace new ideas and technical innovations, are working together to continuously improve.

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To fulfill your potential, we will give you the flexibility, stimulation, and opportunities to keep you inspired and engaged. Get encouraged and supported by each other to grow personally and professionally. Get started at our ambitious, young, and dynamic organization with a challenging IT environment.

Working at Maxxton is…

using the latest technologies!

As a provider of integrated software solutions for the hospitality industry, Maxxton develops a software solution far beyond the conventional for large groups or smaller organizations with complex needs. This means we are always looking for the latest technologies to work with, as continuous development and creative solutions are the core of our company.

being customer committed!

As a single database that embraces property management, Maxxton guarantees full commitment and loyalty to its customer relationship. We believe that the best way to know our customers is to put ourselves in their shoes. We always put our customers and their needs first by providing them with our user-friendly, personalised and reliable software system.

working globally!

Excellent development opportunities by learning from different cultures and being able to occasionally travel and work abroad. As a consultant or project manager, it’s important to have some (face-to-face) meetings with our clients on a regular basis. That’s not a punishment at all, since our clients are located at the most beautiful places on earth: from the Dutch ‘Wadden Islands’ to the Islands of Hawaii.

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