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The Maxxton Group (“Maxxton”) is the leading IT services and Consultancy provider for the hospitality and accommodation rental sector and as a part of social responsibility, Maxxton is committed to International compliance with data protection laws.
To perform services effectively Maxxton requires to gather information about customers, employees, business contacts, and other organizations who are directly or indirectly associated with Maxxton.
Maxxton will notify in the form of a transparency report every 6 months on the requests that have been received from the relevant requesting authority. Maxxton commits to preparing such a semi-annual report (a “Transparency Report”), which reflects the number and type of data disclosure requests it has received for the preceding six months, which may be subject to restrictions by applicable law or court order.
Maxxton shall publish the Transparency Report on its website, and make the report available upon request to the competent data protection authorities. National regulations and policies may prevent this notification to the data subject. Maxxton nonetheless commits to informing the data subject as soon as the restrictions on the disclosure of data are lifted and to make its best efforts to obtain the waiver of the prohibition to disclose.

  • Total number of requests since January 1st, 2022: 0
  • Total number of times data provided since January 1st, 2022: 0
  • Number of requests in last 6 months: 0
  • Number of times data was provided in last 6 months: 0
  • Last time updated: February 1, 2024

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